APC InfraStruXure Manager, 25 Node License Only 25license(s)

Manufacturer part number AP9430
Vendor APC

Short Description
InfraStruXure Manager, 25 Node License Only

Management platform that increases visibility into your APC physical infrastructure by outlining the health and status of all APC devices.

AP9430 Features:
- Auto-discovery
- Auto-update capability
- Battery status reports
- Browser accessible
- Building Management System Integration
- Centralized Management
- Configurable actions
- Consolidated Notifications
- Customizable
- Data logging
- Enterprise management system compatible
- Event logging
- Fault notification
- Global threshold alarms
- InfraStruXure Manager compatible
- Inventory reports
- Load management
- Manage multiple UPSs
- MD5 authentication security
- Multi-device support
- Network time protocol
- Power event summary
- Power flow diagrams
- Private IP network
- Rack mountable
- Radius support
- Read-only access
- Recommended actions
- Remote administration
- Remote device management
- Scalability
- Set-up wizards
- UPS support
Platform InfraStruXure Manager
License quantity 25
APC InfraStruXure Operations 10 Rack License
InfraStruXure Operations 10 Rack License
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StruxureWare Central, 500 Node License Only
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A centralized physical infrastructure managemen
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APC InfraStruXure
InfraStruXure Capacity 10 Rack License
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